Brick is a massive specimen of a man who likes to use his fists instead of guns to deal swift death. He wears a necklace around his neck adorned with the paw of his dead dog, Priscilla. On his fists he has attached bolts and screws, as well as rings on each hand that say "1" and "2" (giving a new meaning to the phrase "the ol' one-two"). His boots are similarly adorned with bolts. The letters "TCB", with a lightning bolt, are emblazoned on Brick's belt, a signature of Elvis Presley which means "taking care of business in a flash". He acts as the tank class, can become proficient in explosive weapons and has the ability to go into a berserker rage that makes him very powerful in melee combat. Section heading

  • Brick's family is referenced in a couple places involving the game.
    • His sister is his reason for being on Pandora. She is missing and he has to find her.
    • His mother is referenced in Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot as getting past a certain round, apparently she was as good a fighter as he.


Brick is often an up-close and personal kind of guy. He is well equipped to use shotguns and explosives, and is also a very potent brawler with his fists when he slips into a berserker rage. Some say he is best played as a tank or brawler, as he has talents that reinforce him to withstand harm, empower his brawling capabilities and aid any explosive weaponry that he might use. His default melee weapon is a pipe.

Active AbilityEdit

Brick's Active ability is a Berserk Mode in which the screen goes red, he holsters his weapon and proceeds to attack with his fists. During this time, Brick also gains resistance to all damage and his health will regenerate at a rapid rate as he beats down enemies. You control Brick's berserk mode by using the 'aim' button for a powerful but slower left hook and the 'shoot' button for a quicker but weaker right jab. One of the ways that his Berserk Mode is improved is by upgrading different skill trees.

Brick's three skill trees are Brawler, Tank and Blaster.

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